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    I am Qrystal; or at least, that's my dot-name! Har har. (My name is really Crystal, but that's not as internet-searchable; hence, switching the C for the little-used letter Q.)

    I am here because I enjoy writing. I do this mostly for myself, but I also have a passion for helping others learn things from the things I write. Now that I am done my Ph.D. in Physics, I am stepping away from academic research so that I can indulge in some creative ways to share my knowledge and inspire the appreciation of scientific thinking in others. I am also working as a tutor, which is one of the jobs I've most enjoyed doing in my life so far.

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  • On Becoming Awesome

    Posted by Qrystal on September 11, 2017 at 11:35.
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    I am currently on a mission to Become Awesome.  My next move is to write about how it will unfold, focusing on the forward direction so fervently that I don’t even acknowledge anything else.  (This introduction has been difficult to write because of the negativity and stuckness I am in the process of overcoming, but I’m pleased with what I’ve written and I’m ready to get into more detail.)



    I need to define what I mean by “Awesome”, so that I will recognize it when I achieve it.

    Clarity is a particularly relevant part of my Vision of Awesomeness, and I am amused that it has arisen first from my mess of thoughts on the matter.  Clearly, this facet arose first because of how important it is to have clarity when defining anything, but there is more to it than that.  I know it will be Awesome to cultivate clarity in all aspects of my life: in my surroundings, in my processes, in my plans, and in my accomplishments.

    Consistency is another aspect of my Vision of Awesomeness.  It certainly takes consistency to Become anything, but the Awesomeness that I yearn to be is a consistent state of being.  Plus, it will be easier to be Awesome once I have practiced enough that it becomes natural!

    Creation is of utmost importance in my Vision of Awesomeness, because my myriad amazing ideas need to be set free from the confines of my imagination.  I now must begin creating and accomplishing things, so that others can appreciate and benefit from my ideas.  The small steps I have taken and am taking are going to be joined by more and more steps as I Become the embodiment of the Awesomeness that I see possible.

    Confidence is the key that to unlocking the Awesome state I want to Become.  I know the things I want to create, and I have known for a long time, but I have only recently started focusing on developing enough confidence to make these creations possible.  I am also practicing using stronger language when I state things that I know or even strongly suspect to be true, because appropriately-chosen words can help boost my overall confidence.  Furthermore, I am working on my posture, for both my physical and mental well-being.



    So here I am, working towards my mission of Becoming Awesome.  I started writing this today at the beginning of my time to myself, right when I returned home from walking my kid to his bus stop on his first day of Senior Kindergarten.  That means I started today with Awesomeness, and now, everything great that I do for the rest of today will serve to reinforce that Awesomeness.

    Here’s to creating something, expressing with confidence, focusing on clarity, in a way that I intend to continue consistently.  Cheers!


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