• Who am I?

    I am Qrystal; or at least, that's my dot-name! Har har. (My name is really Crystal, but that's not as internet-searchable; hence, switching the C for the little-used letter Q.)

    I am here because I enjoy writing. I do this mostly for myself, but I also have a passion for helping others learn things from the things I write. Now that I am done my Ph.D. in Physics, I am stepping away from academic research so that I can indulge in some creative ways to share my knowledge and inspire the appreciation of scientific thinking in others. I am also working as a tutor, which is one of the jobs I've most enjoyed doing in my life so far.

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    Winter Tanka

    Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

    | Ambient white light | reflects from snow-crusted ground; | such brightness, outdoors, | contrasts the darkness indoors, | requires drawn shades to see. – by Qrystal

    A Limerick Haiku

    Friday, September 11th, 2009

    Oh wow, a limerick haiku! I thought ‘twas too tricky to do! But then I found this, and I’d be remiss, if I didn’t share it with you! –a limerick by Qrystal, to introduce the following clever way of meshing limerick and haiku styles: … There was an old man From Peru, whose lim’ricks all [...]

    Morse Code Haiku

    Monday, April 27th, 2009

    / -.-. …… .-. … / … .- — ..- . .-.. / — —- .-. … . -.-.— / / -.— —- ..- .-. / -.-. —- -.. . / —- ..-. / -.. —- – … / .- -. -.. / -.. .- … …. . … / / .. — — —- [...]

    Sometimes haikus don’t make sense

    Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

    “Haikus are easy but…” Threadless T-Shirt – by Rolf Nelson I wants it! My birthday’s only three months away… hmmmm… time to get a-hintin’! :D (If any generous strangers out there would like to send me a Girly Medium-size shirt, I can pick up packages at the Physics department office in University of Windsor, Ontario, [...]

    Northern Ontario haiku

    Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

    Daydreaming about Northern Ontario camping. So close, yet so far… — It’s haiku, if you smear the “io” into “yo” :P

    Ode to the Great Masterpiece

    Thursday, May 15th, 2008

    Link: Ode to the Great Masterpiece Remember how good it felt to finally be feeling good about the progress in creating the Great Masterpiece of Thesis? Remember how great it felt to really USE that analytic mind melding ideas and knowledge for the Great Masterpiece of Thesis? Remember how guilty you felt realizing the hours [...]