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    I am Qrystal, a physics grad student who enjoys writing: for herself, or to help other people learn things. When I am done my degree, I'll finally be able to allow myself to start following my desire to write and tutor and spread my joy of understanding physics.

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  • Where am I?

    Posted by Qrystal on August 26, 2014 at 12:03.
    Category: Life. Tags: myself, thesis.


    I’m about to attempt the shortest blog post I’ve ever written.  It shouldn’t be hard; I tend to write mini-novels, and enjoy the heck out of doing so.

    But, well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t have time for that, right now.  This time, however, I’m acknowledging that this is my choice.

    Anyways, here I am!  I am here!  I exist, still.

    What am I doing?

    I’m working on choosing better what I spend my time doing.  Cheesy, but true.

    Really, though, what I typically do most these days is parenting. I feel like I’m getting fairly good at it.  My little guy is now over two years old, and I am enjoying the heck out of spending time with him.  He is at daycare right now, which he loves, but he still has a hard time saying goodbye to me when I drop him off.  It’s getting better, though.

    And my thesis work is going better too.  I mean, it feels like it’s dragging on eternally, but I know it will end soon.  I’m planning that the ending is by my completing it, and that’s why I don’t really have time for this writing.

    But I just paid for another half-year here at a2hosting, and thought I should at least write something here to justify paying for it.  I do intend to come back and write more, someday.  Perhaps a lot.  I consider myself to be a writer, and although all my writing is for myself these days (because who will read my thesis as thoroughly as I will?), I do intend to come back to the public eye soon.

    What’s next?

    So, other than just checking in, I wanted to say that I’m planning to post my son’s birth story eventually, because I really enjoyed reading other mothers’ birth experiences.  It is mostly written already (which I did so I wouldn’t forget the details), but I haven’t yet found it important to take the time to polish and post it with any urgency.

    Before that, though I will very likely write some kind of “I’m back!” post, when I’m done writing my thesis, or maybe not until after I’ve defended it.  But what’s really next next is to get back to work on it, so I can be done it all the sooner.  (Not that the current timeframe can really be called “soon enough” by any stretch of the imagination!)

    I will not likely respond to comments here in any reasonable time, mostly because I realize the comment system needs to be overhauled or something… bleh.  Someday, someday, always someday. ;)


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    New Year, New Life

    Posted by Qrystal on January 1, 2012 at 23:37.
    Category: Life. Tags: future, planning, thesis.

    Many things about my life will be changing this year.  And I’m not talking about New Year’s Resolutions… heck, I don’t know if I should even bother making any specific resolutions for the year, except perhaps to not go completely mad while I’m facing the madness that is to [...] Continue Reading…

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    “I Don’t Have Time”

    Posted by Qrystal on August 1, 2011 at 12:52.
    Category: Life. Tags: myself, procrastination, thesis, time.

    Recently, I’ve been noticing myself thinking that “I don’t have time” for this, that, or the other thing that I want to do. And this is despite knowing that it’s usually unhelpful to think such a thing, because “you’ve gotta make time”, blah blah blah.

    At the same time, I [...] Continue Reading…

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    Our Northern Ontario Camping Destination

    Posted by Qrystal on June 9, 2011 at 7:40.
    Category: Life. Tags: fun, myself, recreation.

    I kinda wanted to share where we’re going camping, but at the same time, I also wanted to keep it secret… so I grabbed the Google Satellite imagery from the area just to give an idea of the terrain.

    I will say, though, that it’s deep in Northern Ontario, a [...] Continue Reading…

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    Saying ‘Yes’ to Challenge

    Posted by Qrystal on November 28, 2010 at 23:33.
    Category: Life. Tags: shiva nata, thesis.

    The title of this post makes me feel yucky contemplating it, but I’m going to keep it as it is because it is an important lesson I learned recently.  I mean, I’ve known for quite some time that it’s not a good idea to let myself say ‘No’ to [...] Continue Reading…


    A Ghost of a Feeling

    Posted by Qrystal on November 2, 2010 at 12:45.
    Category: Life. Tags: myself, nanowrimo, thesis, writing.

    What I’m about to share may seem strange, but it really happened, and it was really just before Halloween, which may make it even more spooky.

    I was alone in my home office, writing Chapter 83 of The Girl Who Writes Her Thesis (where Chapters 1-30 are what I call [...] Continue Reading…

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    A Shivanaut’s Maiden Voyage

    Posted by Qrystal on October 22, 2010 at 11:22.
    Category: Tools. Tags: exercise, myself, patterns, shiva nata.

    “Pull tab to open,” suggests the label on the padded envelope containing the Shiva Nata DVD I’ve been so eagerly awaiting.  I’m so ready to crank this practice up, and lose myself in blessed befuddledness that is meant to challenge my mind into untangling itself.

    So why have I not [...] Continue Reading…

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    Level Zero Shivanaut

    Posted by Qrystal on October 12, 2010 at 10:23.
    Category: Tools. Tags: diary, exercise, shiva nata, thesis.

    As described in my last post, I am starting to learn Shiva Nata, a mental exercise performed with physical motion.  Since the introductory material suggested that journalling my progress might help me better appreciate it, I figure I may as well share my thoughts on it publically in case [...] Continue Reading…

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    Starting a New Dance

    Posted by Qrystal on October 1, 2010 at 16:33.
    Category: Tools. Tags: exercise, productivity, shiva nata.

    I’m a little bit nervous about a lot of what I am about to write, even though I have written many times about self-analysis and transformation attempts and steps to help me get moving in the direction I want to go.  I’ve just never thought of it as a dance, [...] Continue Reading…


    About Physicists

    Posted by Qrystal on August 30, 2010 at 9:18.
    Category: Concepts. Tags: nature, physicists, physics.

    Physicists spend a large part of their lives in a state of confusion. It’s an occupational hazard. To excel in physics is to embrace doubt while walking the winding road to clarity. The tantalizing discomfort of perplexity is what inspires otherwise ordinary men and women to extraordinary feats of [...] Continue Reading…

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